Offers actionable insights into customer behavior for effective digital marketing, product management, and IT improvements.
Clicktale, now part of Contentsquare's Digital Experience Analytics platform, offers a combined set of capabilities to help brands deliver better customer experiences. With over 750 enterprise brands using Contentsquare x Clicktale, their platform unlocks customer insights for the entire digital team, from marketers to product managers to IT. The platform brings together rich data, machine and human intelligence to connect metrics to actual customer behavior, providing a better understanding of the "why" behind digital analytics. Contentsquare's software includes powerful yet intuitive heatmaps that measure clicks, scroll-depth, engagement, and more. Their uniquely visual analysis capabilities make it easy to identify friction and falloff points in user journeys. Additionally, Contentsquare helps businesses troubleshoot and fix performance errors, quantify improvements, and prioritize potential enhancements. Trusted by over 30% of Fortune 500 companies, Contentsquare meets stringent security and performance requirements with GDPR and CCPA compliance. With locations around the world, they are a global experience analytics leader.