A comprehensive software for managing and maximizing talent across HR processes.
ClearCompany is a leading talent management software that offers a range of solutions to help businesses maximize their team's talent. Their platform includes Applicant Tracking System (ATS), onboarding, employee engagement, performance management, and analytics & reporting tools. With ClearCompany, businesses can recruit and hire smarter by automating common recruiting tasks and ensuring the hiring process aligns with their unique jobs and values. The platform leverages text, video, and scheduling technology to create efficient and best-in-class candidate experiences. ClearCompany's Talent Maximization philosophy and award-winning talent management software help clients optimize the employee experience and achieve their missions through their people. They have a track record of success with numerous case studies showcasing improved time-to-hire, reduced recruiting processes, and increased employee engagement. ClearCompany supports nearly 3,000 organizations in achieving their missions and has received numerous awards for their platform. They offer a unified talent management system that is easy to use and provides all the necessary information with just a few clicks. Overall, ClearCompany's software saves time, improves efficiency, and offers exceptional customer support for HR teams and candidates. For businesses looking to maximize their talent and streamline their HR processes, ClearCompany is a powerful solution.