An edge computing platform designed for scalable, real-time enterprise IoT solutions.
ClearBlade is an edge computing platform for enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. It offers a no-code IoT application that is secure and allows for real-time, scalable industrial IoT applications. The platform delivers AI, edge-native computing, and flexibility, empowering operation teams to quickly and efficiently complete tasks. ClearBlade has been providing Enterprise IoT solutions since 2014 and is trusted across various industries. The platform is scalable, able to connect millions of devices, and can integrate with existing enterprise systems, hardware, and processes. ClearBlade has case studies showcasing real-world results, such as helping a hot water heater and HVAC brand become the top connected brand in the market. It offers different products, including IoT Core, IoT Enterprise, and IoT Edge, to cater to different IoT needs. ClearBlade is secure, efficient, and offers seamless integration across edge, local, and cloud systems. It has received awards and partnerships, demonstrating its innovative and strategic benefits. ClearBlade is based in Austin, Texas, with contact information available for customer inquiries.