A B2B marketing intelligence tool offering global data for boosting business go-to-market strategies.
Clearbit is a B2B marketing intelligence platform that offers a comprehensive dataset for go-to-market teams. Their dataset includes company, contact, and IP intelligence, allowing businesses to enrich their systems, build products, and power personalization. Clearbit gathers public data from the web, along with proprietary data and the use of LLMs (Language Models) to convert unstructured information into precise and standardized data sets. This ensures that businesses can access clean, reliable, and accurate data to fuel their B2B marketing efforts. Their data coverage is global, spanning every country and any language. Clearbit also provides features such as scoring and routing leads in real-time, identifying high-fit leads, understanding corporate hierarchies, normalizing roles and seniority, and revealing buying intent using IP intelligence. They also offer access to up-to-date B2B contact data, enabling businesses to connect with the right decision-makers and convert intent into pipeline. Clearbit integrates seamlessly with CRM and MAP systems, offers lightning-fast APIs, and has partnerships with multiple platforms. Their customers range from next-gen startups to established enterprises, and they have a track record of empowering the world's best B2B teams. To get started, businesses can request a free data test or try out their free weekly visitor report. Overall, Clearbit is a trusted and reliable solution for businesses looking to optimize their B2B marketing efforts with comprehensive data and intelligent insights.