Enables rapid creation of professional mockups of mobile and website designs using various device frames.
Cleanmock is a website that offers a simple and beautiful solution for creating stunning mockups of mobile or website designs. Users can easily create mockups using the latest device frames, such as the iPhone X, and custom backgrounds to make their designs stand out. The entire process can be done right from the user's browser quickly and for free. Cleanmock allows users to drag and drop their designs or upload images in formats like png, jpg, or jpeg. However, other formats are not supported. Additionally, Cleanmock provides the option to use sample images and adds a watermark to the final mockup, which is created by Cleanmock. Users can also choose from different magnification options (1x, 2x, 3x) and showcase their designs in various devices like web, Apple, Android, app store, and play store. Cleanmock also offers a color picker tool for added customization. Once the mockup is ready, users can easily download it. The website also mentions upcoming features, such as integration with Dribbble, and encourages users to join as PRO members. Cleanmock was created by @iamtekeste and @johnyvino and showcases their copyright of 2019. The website provides links to its privacy policy and terms & conditions. In summary, Cleanmock is a user-friendly and free online platform that allows users to quickly create professional mockups of their mobile or website designs using various device frames and custom backgrounds.