Provides on-demand business advice from experienced entrepreneurs across various categories. Allows fast decision-making for business growth.
Clarity is a valuable platform for entrepreneurs looking for on-demand business advice. It connects users with battle-tested advice from experienced entrepreneurs, providing a lifeline for faster and better decision-making to help businesses grow. Users can browse through a community of experts across various categories such as business, sales and marketing, funding, product and design, technology, skills and management, and industries. The platform allows users to find and schedule a call with an expert in just minutes. According to the website, a Clarity Expert is on the phone with a startup every 90 seconds, with over 73,000 completed calls and a 98% positive Clarity Expert call rate. The average Clarity Expert star rating is an impressive 4.8/5. Clarity has received positive feedback from users, with success stories highlighting the platform's ability to help startups in improving their messaging and brand story, leading to increased interest and opportunities. In summary, Clarity is a reliable and efficient platform that provides easy access to expert business advice, making it a valuable resource for entrepreneurs seeking guidance and support in various areas of their business.