Enables quick building of custom business management apps. Offers scalability, security, and integration features.
Claris is a low-code platform that allows users to build custom business management apps quickly and easily. As an Apple company, Claris has been delivering continuous innovation for more than 35 years, making it a reliable choice for organizations worldwide. With over 1 million active users across small and medium-sized businesses, Claris has a proven track record of success. The platform offers scalability, security enhancements, and the ability to integrate with other apps and services. Claris FileMaker 2023, in particular, provides high-performance custom application development and integration capabilities. With 1,400 partners worldwide, Claris offers app development, consultation, and training services. The platform has a vibrant online community of 30,000 members, and offers a 45-day free trial for users to test out its capabilities. Claris is trusted by renowned companies such as ESPN Netherlands, Hanesbrands, Kohl's, Nike, and more. Whether users choose to build their own apps or work with a partner, Claris provides the tools and resources needed to transform the workplace and streamline business operations.