An open-source CRM for non-profits, allowing centralized communication and automated administrative tasks.
CiviCRM is an open source constituent relationship management software targeted towards non-profit organizations, NGOs, and advocacy groups. It offers a robust CRM system that is used by over 11,000 non-profits worldwide. The software allows organizations to centralize their constituent communications, build and manage donor bases and memberships, and automate administrative tasks. CiviCRM integrates seamlessly with popular content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Backdrop. The software has a large user base, with over 24 million event participants registered, more than 116 million donations processed, and over 189 million contacts managed globally. CiviCRM also provides various resources for users to learn about the software, including demos, documentation, webinars, and support from ambassadors and partners. The software can be hosted by the user's preferred hosting provider or installed on their own hosting infrastructure. CiviCRM offers a diverse partner ecosystem and technology sponsors to help organizations maximize their use of the software. Additionally, CiviCRM Spark provides a quick and secure way to get started with this leading open source CRM. The website provides the latest news about CiviCRM updates, upcoming events including webinars and meetups, and ways for users to contribute to the project, including making gifts, becoming members, or partnering with CiviCRM. Overall, CiviCRM is a powerful CRM solution tailored to the needs of non-profits and advocacy organizations, offering extensive features and a strong user community.