A platform for efficient content moderation and integrity investigations, unifying data for reliable decision-making.
Cinder is a dedicated platform that aims to transform the way trust and safety teams operate. It caters to high volume content moderation, complex integrity investigations, and everything in between, helping these teams prevent problems before they occur. By centralizing decision-making and integrating critical trust and safety data, Cinder frees teams from spreadsheets, CRMs, and complex SQL queries. It empowers these teams to make faster, more accurate decisions by unifying data and context. Additionally, Cinder streamlines decision-making processes, from individual content reviews to advanced investigations and case management, providing a strategic vantage point for efficient operations. Customizable metrics and dashboarding allow teams to measure their impact and gain clarity of vision for confident decision-making. Cinder is flexible enough to support all types of platforms, teams, and problems. It was built by experienced engineers, investigators, and policy-makers with expertise gained from investigating and combating threats in various environments. By combining their expertise in engineering, investigations, intelligence, and policy-making, the team behind Cinder is creating a platform that supports trust and safety missions by turning decision-making into actionable data.