A platform for discovering and booking restaurants across Asia, with benefits for diners and owners.
Chope is a comprehensive platform that allows users to discover and book restaurants in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and China. With a vast database of over 13,000 restaurants, Chope offers a wide range of options to cater to various culinary preferences. Users can easily search for restaurants in their preferred location, including cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Bali, Jakarta, Bangkok, and Phuket. Chope provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to make reservations, order delivery or pick-up, and take advantage of exclusive deals and rewards. Dedicated sections for both diners and restaurants offer specific features and benefits. Furthermore, Chope offers multilingual support, including Chinese language options. For restaurants, Chope provides comprehensive management solutions through its "Chope For Restaurants" feature. Overall, Chope presents an efficient and convenient platform for both diners and restaurant owners, and it continues to establish itself as Asia's leading dining platform.