A keyboard-centric task manager offering efficient control over to-dos, writing, and planning tasks.
Checkvist is a keyboard-driven task manager and list-making tool that offers maximum efficiency and control over tasks, outlines, to-dos, writing, and planning. With a minimal, text-based interface and keyboard support, users can work from the keyboard and get their tasks done in the most efficient and focused way. Checkvist allows users to create hierarchical lists that help organize ideas, notes, and tasks into groups. Users can add tags, due dates, priorities, and attachments to have flexible solutions for various jobs. The platform also offers features like on-the-fly navigation and filtering, zen and dark mode for better focus, and the ability to import, export, and integrate with other tools. Checkvist supports Markdown for rich formatting of lists and allows users to publish checklists and instructions publicly or privately, assign tasks, track progress, and even log work and communicate with clients. It is a versatile tool suitable for project planning, research organization, brainstorming sessions, and more. Customers have praised Checkvist for its elegance, ease of use, and effectiveness in collaborative outlining.