Automates background checks for quicker hiring and increased revenue, featuring AI, compliance tools, and analytics.
Checkr is an employee background screening platform that offers a range of products and solutions for companies of all sizes. Their platform utilizes AI-powered technology to streamline the background screening process, resulting in faster hiring and increased revenue. Checkr's products include candidate engagement tools, such as a candidate portal and expungements, as well as verification services like criminal background checks, employment verification, and education verification. They also offer solutions for decision-making and managing the onboarding process. Checkr caters to various industries, including gig and marketplace platforms, tech companies, staffing agencies, retail, hospitality, food services, and non-profits. They also provide services for both small businesses and enterprise-level organizations. Checkr offers integrations with other platforms through their background check API and embedded integration options. Their technology is AI-powered, with compliance tools and analytics to enhance the hiring process. Checkr boasts a powerful ecosystem with access to over 100 partners and a global coverage that includes background checks in 200+ countries and territories. They prioritize speed, reliability, and scalability, allowing customers to run over 1.5 million reports per month with no impact on turnaround time. Checkr's mission is to create opportunities for all, with a focus on diversity, inclusion, and a fair chance for individuals with a criminal record. They aim to help companies build more diverse, thriving, and innovative businesses by democratizing access to hiring opportunities. Overall, Checkr is a comprehensive background screening platform that offers efficient and fair solutions for companies looking to hire new talent.