Enhances productivity in procurement by automating free-text requests and guiding users.
ChatGPT is a platform designed to make procurement managers more productive by leveraging Generative AI. The platform, known as Lio, promises to automate free-text requests and questions of employees, providing unprecedented guidance in MS Teams. Lio can guide users to the right buying channels within Microsoft Teams, helping to eliminate confusion about procurement paths. The AI-powered platform understands all free-text requests, engaging in dynamic human-like conversations to gather requirements and formalize statements of work. It can also identify similar vendors within a company, even for items without material numbers or product names. Lio validates extracted information against ERP master data, existing contracts, catalogs, and policies. The AI can also automatically categorize requests, enriching them with purchase categories, cost centers, and G/L accounts. By doing so, it enables procurement to gain visibility into free-text requests, reducing invoice matching problems and incorrect PRs. Additionally, Lio can create RFQs and obtain quotes, comparing them to internal guidelines to assist procurement in asking the right questions.