A free service for transforming Notion table data into live-updating, customizable charts. Useful for tracking marketing campaigns, sales, and more. Secure and user-friendly.
ChartBase is a website that allows users to generate beautiful and embeddable charts from their Notion tables for free. With ChartBase, users can connect their Notion account to access their tables and databases and turn them into live-updating charts in just a few seconds, without any coding required. The website offers intuitive and easy-to-use features, allowing users to create and customize their charts with a user-friendly interface. ChartBase provides powerful customization options, including multiple chart types (such as bar graphs, line charts, and pie charts), custom branding and color schemes, and custom axis labels and legends. Sharing and exporting options are also available, allowing users to embed charts directly into their Notion pages or websites, share charts with teams or clients, and export charts as high-quality images or PDFs. Additionally, ChartBase ensures the security of users' data and privacy, as they don't store any data and only have access to the tables shared by the users. The website is responsive and supports dark mode, adapting to any screen size and providing a visually pleasing experience. ChartBase is perfect for businesses of all sizes and industries, offering features that help users make better decisions and impress clients. Some suggested use cases for ChartBase include tracking sales, monitoring marketing campaigns, tracking customer satisfaction, tracking employee performance, tracking inventory, personal finance, tracking health and habits, tracking social media metrics, monitoring website traffic, tracking project progress, tracking budget, monitoring productivity, analyzing market trends, and tracking student performance. ChartBase has received positive feedback from customers, with many expressing their satisfaction with the simplicity and power of the insights provided by the tool. Overall, ChartBase is a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that helps users transform their data into stunning charts and graphs effortlessly.