Aids healthcare centers in improving patient management and reducing missed appointments with high efficiency.
Cero is a platform designed to help clinics and hospitals increase the number of patients they see while reducing missed appointments. Their goal is to ensure that patients arrive on time and prepared for their appointments. The platform is used by teams ranging from 10 to over 10,000 professionals. Cero offers features such as appointment confirmations, multiple appointment confirmations, spontaneous cancellation, automatic rescheduling, agenda blocks, waiting lists, and referrals. They also provide confirmation messages in natural language, capturing responses in colloquial language, including emojis and spelling errors. Additional features include displaying directions on a map and providing additional information to facilitate the patient's visit, such as arrival time recommendations or address details. With Cero, healthcare institutions can effectively communicate with all their patients, from confirming appointments to managing waiting lists and preventive controls. The platform aims to solve communication issues between healthcare institutions and patients in an empathetic and respectful manner. Cero is adaptable to the existing contactability processes of healthcare centers and easily integrates with their current agenda or CRM systems. They utilize cutting-edge technology to handle over 1,000,000 appointments per month in 250+ healthcare centers, ensuring efficient operations. Testimonials from satisfied customers highlight the team's openness, speed, and initiative, the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of communication channels with patients, and the automation of appointment confirmations leading to reduced patient no-shows. Cero's dedication to providing personalized solutions tailored to the needs of healthcare centers is also praised.