CB Insights
A platform offering comprehensive analysis and data insights on the tech industry.
CB Insights is a market intelligence platform that provides in-depth analysis and data on various aspects of the technology industry. It offers insights on venture capital, startups, patents, partnerships, and tech news. With its platform, CB Insights enables organizations to make informed technology decisions quickly and confidently. The platform is trusted by some of the world's smartest companies and helps users find the right opportunities and establish relationships in a refreshing way. CB Insights provides research on various topics, such as the oncology market, product gaps in the global payroll space, and cloud security spending by CISOs. The platform guides users through a three-step process, starting with understanding what's going on in technology, determining what actions to take based on that knowledge, and finally, finding the best partners to work with. CB Insights combines proprietary data, predictive algorithms, and analyst research to help users identify the most promising tech companies in each market. With its comprehensive tech market intelligence, CB Insights allows users to anticipate competitor strategies, develop their own tech strategies, connect with tech vendors and partners, and accelerate their digital transformation. The platform is a valuable resource for staying ahead of the rapidly changing tech markets and identifying emerging opportunities. Funding for fintech startups, for example, reached $131.5 billion in the previous year, according to CB Insights. With its wealth of data, research, and analysis, CB Insights is the go-to source for technology market insights.