Helps organizations automate their reporting, budgeting, and planning processes. Supports smooth xP&A operations, handles 140+ ERP and EPM systems.
Calumo is a website that offers automated reporting, planning, and budgeting solutions to organizations. It is a part of the insightsoftware family and aims to enhance enterprise performance management with fast integration, real-time reporting, and sophisticated planning and forecasting tools. The website recognizes the increasing complexity of organizations, with changing corporate structures, large volumes of data, and evolving market conditions. Calumo provides support for extended planning and analysis to improve corporate performance management. The website also emphasizes the commitment of insightsoftware to offer the right financial and operational reporting and planning solution, regardless of company size or preferences for ERP, EPM, or reporting environments. Calumo addresses common challenges faced by businesses, such as time-consuming manual processes, siloed data resulting in inaccurate reporting, and slow processes that hinder analysis and agility. It offers a complete and proven solution for all xP&A (extended planning and analysis) needs. Calumo has earned top rankings in BARC's The BI & Analytics Survey 21, the world's largest annual survey of BI software vendors and users. The website provides options for support, training, documentation, and downloads for existing Calumo customers. Additionally, it offers a form to contact an account manager for adding more software licenses. Calumo works with various financial systems, with over 140+ ERP and EPM systems supported. The website also provides information about other products and solutions offered by insightsoftware, along with details about partnerships, corporate social responsibility, careers, and user community.