A solution for capturing leads, automating phone calls, and boost conversions. Provides features like instant call distribution, customizable pop-ups, and automated meeting scheduling. Can be integrated with over 4,000 tools.
CallPage is a lead capture tool that helps businesses generate more sales-qualified leads and connect them with the appropriate representative. With CallPage, businesses can automate phone calls for increased conversions. The platform offers a range of features to drive sales, including a callback widget that allows potential customers to request a call from a sales representative, leading to valuable interactions and conversions. CallPage also offers instant call distribution, reducing the time to lead and ensuring that potential leads are connected to the first available sales or support consultant within seconds. The platform's customizable pop-ups and scoring rules help increase website conversion rates, and its phone recording and reporting feature provides valuable insights for managers. Additionally, CallPage offers an automated meeting scheduler for converting site traffic into booked meetings. The platform can be integrated with over 4,000 different tools through Zapier, allowing for seamless workflow management. CallPage has been used by over 1,500 companies to generate leads and drive sales.