A private workspace to optimize founder-investor engagement, by utilizing a network for strategic advice and support.
Cabal is a private workspace designed to help founders get more out of their investors and advisors. With Cabal, founders can build a network of supporters and leverage their help in selling, marketing, recruiting, and guiding them to success. The platform allows founders to send targeted asks to their supporters, such as sales introductions, social boosts, or candidate referrals. It also enables founders to keep supporters updated on their progress through 1:1 emails, using pre-built email templates or custom creations. Cabal streamlines the workflow by providing out-of-the-box templates, standard agreements, and a collaborative email workflow. Additionally, founders can use Cabal to engage with their portfolio companies, making introductions, tracking contributions, and connecting with top talent. Cabal is trusted by thousands of founders, funds, and teams at various companies. The platform offers a blog with insightful articles on topics such as building a modern advisor program, sharing equity with non-tech industry users, and improving email communication. Overall, Cabal provides founders with a comprehensive solution to effectively engage and leverage their investors and advisors.