A corporate card, budgeting, and expense management platform tailored for African businesses.
Bujeti is a comprehensive corporate card, budgeting, and expense management platform designed specifically for businesses in Africa. With a focus on empowering users, Bujeti combines virtual and physical credit cards, payments, and expenses into one seamless experience powered by Visa Cards, dedicated NUBANs, Mobile Wallets, and Faster Payments. The platform allows businesses of all sizes to effectively manage their finances, providing total control over expenses and enabling finance teams to make faster, better decisions. Features include expense tracking, reporting, cost management, bank transfer payments, and easy reimbursements for employees. Bujeti is trusted by a wide range of industry leaders, including startups, finance teams, travel and hospitality businesses, technology companies, healthcare providers, and non-profit organizations. The platform simplifies financial management, streamlines processes, and provides actionable insights for smarter business decisions. With integrations with popular tools and a mobile-friendly user experience, Bujeti offers a secure solution for managing expenses in one place. Say goodbye to manual processes, cash management risks, and errors/fraud. Bujeti is made by Africans for African realities, ensuring a unique finance platform tailored to the specific needs of businesses in the region. Sign up and take control of your finances today.