Enables fast, efficient CI/CD workflows with easy automation & integration options. Allows +37 minutes more on new features per developer.
Buddy is a powerful and easy-to-configure continuous integration and delivery platform that helps developers create better apps faster. It integrates with various tools like Github, Slack, Bitbucket, AWS, and more. Buddy is trusted by over 10,000 developers and offers fast and efficient CI/CD workflows with an adoption time 87% faster than teams without automation. Even complex workflows can be created in minutes. The deployment time is reduced to an average of 12 seconds due to smart changes detection, caching, parallelism, and optimizations. All plans include features like Docker Layer, Caching, Concurrent Pipelines & Steps, vCPU and RAM scaling, Reusable Environments, Repository, Artifacts, and Changeset-Based Deployments. Buddy is designed to make DevOps easy for developers, designers, and QA teams, allowing them to embrace the newest technologies like Docker, Serverless, NoOps, and ChatOps with a simple, click-away approach. Deployments become significantly faster, resulting in x46 more frequent deployments compared to manual workflows and classic CI/CD tools. With Buddy, developers can spend +37 minutes more daily on new features per developer, while experiencing a 5 times lower failure rate after deployment. With over 150 actions and customizable containers for various languages and frameworks, Buddy provides the flexibility and ease of use needed for software houses and digital agencies to release more software in shorter timeframes. The platform offers new features every week, ensuring continuous updates and improvements. Buddy also prioritizes security with certifications and compliance measures to ensure the safety and security of user data. The platform provides extensive documentation, guides, tutorials, and webinars to support users. Overall, Buddy is a comprehensive DevOps automation platform that offers speed, efficiency, flexibility, and security for developers and teams in their app development and deployment processes.