Bootstrap Studio
Bootstrap Studio
A desktop tool for building responsive websites using a drag and drop interface. Includes a range of customizable, pre-built elements and allows real-time previews across different platforms. Supports CSS, SASS, Javascript, and HTML editing. Compatible with Bootstrap 3, 4, and 5.
Bootstrap Studio is a powerful desktop application designed to create responsive websites using the Bootstrap framework. It offers a user-friendly drag and drop interface, making it easy to assemble web pages and prototypes. The app comes with a wide range of built-in components, such as headers, footers, galleries, and slideshows, which can be customized to fit the desired design. Additionally, users can create their own custom components and share them with others. Bootstrap Studio supports real-time previewing in multiple web browsers and devices to ensure consistency across platforms. For advanced users, the app provides an editing feature that allows direct manipulation of CSS, SASS, JavaScript, and HTML. It also supports importing existing websites and integrates with external editors like Visual Studio Code and Sublime Text. Other notable features include one-click publishing, grid tools, smooth animations, Google Webfonts integration, and a command palette for more efficient workflows. Bootstrap Studio is compatible with Bootstrap 3, 4, and 5, and updates automatically with new features, components, and improvements released every month. It is available for a one-time purchase, with two pricing options: Standard at $29 and Lifetime at $59. The Lifetime version offers additional benefits such as free web hosting, smart forms, and lifetime upgrades. Thousands of satisfied customers have praised Bootstrap Studio for its ease of use, speed in creating visually appealing websites, and its value as a learning tool.