Powerful platform for finding customers ready to buy with comprehensive, privacy-compliant intent data.
Bombora is a website that offers the industry's most comprehensive and privacy-compliant Intent data. With Bombora, businesses can find potential customers who are ready to buy before their competitors do. The site provides a range of solutions to help businesses connect and sell using Intent data. Bombora measures prospects' digital journey across over 5,000 premium B2B websites, allowing businesses to know exactly what prospects are in the market for and enabling them to guide prospects towards their solutions. The data provided by Bombora is of high quality, and it is the only Intent data Co-op in the industry. The company's Company SurgeĀ® methodology, which includes a Co-op of more than 5,000 sites, has become the industry standard for noise filtering. Bombora also offers simple integrations, allowing businesses to seamlessly incorporate Intent data into their existing stack. Overall, Bombora provides businesses with the necessary tools and insights to enhance their sales and marketing processes and improve their overall success in the market.