An all-in-one tool for gathering and sharing video testimonials. Offers automation features, ad-free hosting, and integrations for amplifying customer praise.
Boast is an all-in-one video testimonial software that makes it easy for businesses to collect video testimonials, online reviews, and feedback from their customers. With Boast, you can effortlessly capture and share customer praise to build trust with potential customers and boost sales. The software allows you to provide customers with a seamless user experience by offering multiple options for submitting testimonials, such as sharing a link to a Boast-hosted form or embedding a form on your website. Boast also offers automation features, like sending reminder emails or text messages to customers, to ensure a higher submission rate. The forms provided by Boast are responsive and mobile-friendly, allowing customers to record videos from any camera-enabled device. Setting up Boast is quick and easy, with pre-designed form templates and sequence templates for automating testimonial requests. The software also provides ad-free video hosting and widgets that enable you to showcase video testimonials on your website and landing pages, enhancing your credibility and driving sales. Boast's Zapier integration allows you to distribute praise to additional channels, and you can also download testimonial videos for use in marketing and advertising materials. Over 10,000 organizations have already successfully collected video testimonials with Boast. In addition to video testimonials, Boast offers other features to help businesses leverage customer feedback, including collecting online reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp, conducting customer surveys (including NPS and CSAT), and requesting, organizing, and sharing user-generated videos for brand engagement. Boast serves various industries, including real estate, health and wellness, software companies, creators and consultants, non-profit associations and advocacy groups, financial services, and agencies. The software comes with a range of resources, including a help center, blog, testimonial request toolkit, and guides on launching testimonial campaigns and collecting user-generated content. Boast ensures privacy and security with its policies and agreements. To sum up, Boast is a reliable and user-friendly video testimonial software that helps businesses harness the power of customer feedback to enhance credibility, increase sales, and create impactful brand experiences.