Turns a folder of various file types into an automatic, customizable website or blog.
Blot is a unique blogging platform that turns a folder into a website with no interface. It allows users to use their favorite text-editor to write and seamlessly converts various file types into blog posts. By connecting your folder to Blot via Dropbox, Git, or Google Drive, files such as text and Markdown, Word Documents, images, bookmarks, HTML, Google Docs, and more can be automatically transformed into posts on your website. With Blot, you have the flexibility to create various types of websites including blogs, magazines, photo galleries, portfolios, and reference collections. The platform is highly customizable, with users able to change the color of links on the Magazine template and dynamically generate images for Twitter cards. Blot is popular among individuals and professionals who value simplicity and efficiency in their blogging experience. To seek assistance or provide feedback, users can contact Blot directly via email. Overall, Blot offers a streamlined and versatile solution for creating and managing websites, empowering users to focus on their content using their preferred tools.