Provides range of digital assets catering to designers and artists. Offers gift cards, tutorials, and more.
BLKMARKET© is a website that offers a wide range of digital assets and resources for creative professionals. The website provides various products and services, including gift cards, tutorials, and support. Users have the option to go unlimited and access all current and future products by upgrading to the Pro membership. The website features a gallery of over 14,000 new assets, including abstract PNG frames, vintage paper textures, skull and bone assets, record textures, low-ink print effect templates, cracked and shattered scans, instant-collage templates, and a toolkit for creating crime and mystery themed artworks. BLKMARKET© also offers several plugins for Photoshop, such as Inklab (halftone plugin) and Reactor (displacement plugin), as well as texture packs, Photoshop plug-ins, effects and actions, drag and drop PNG assets, music mockups, and clothing mockups. In addition to individual products, BLKMARKET© provides bundle options for those looking to purchase multiple assets at a discounted price. They also have a free Connect plugin available. Overall, BLKMARKET© offers a comprehensive collection of digital assets and resources, catering to the needs of designers, artists, and creative professionals. The website's vast range of products and services make it a valuable platform for anyone looking to enhance their creative projects.