Bitcoin Gold
Bitcoin Gold
Aims to decentralize Bitcoin with common GPU mining, increasing accessibility for all.
Bitcoin Gold is a cryptocurrency that aims to make Bitcoin decentralized again. Unlike Bitcoin, which is mined using specialty ASICs that tend to centralize mining power, Bitcoin Gold is mined on common GPUs. This allows for greater decentralization and independence, as anyone can participate in mining. By distributing mining rewards to individuals worldwide instead of a few big players, Bitcoin Gold aims to recreate the network effects that Bitcoin originally had. Bitcoin Gold has made significant progress, with over 75 exchanges, 18 wallets, and 12 pools supporting it. It has seen a total of $36.7 billion in transactions and has recorded 1 million on-chain transactions. The website provides regular updates on news and developments, including core wallet updates and partnerships with other networks. The community is active and can be engaged through various platforms such as forums, GitHub, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Telegram, YouTube, Reddit, and Medium. Bitcoin Gold's technology can be accessed through downloads, GitHub, and a network status explorer. The website also provides information about the team, roadmap, blog, press kit, terms of use, and responsible disclosure. Customers can subscribe to stay updated with the latest developments. Overall, Bitcoin Gold offers a decentralized alternative to Bitcoin mining, aiming to restore the original principles of the cryptocurrency.