Biometrics solutions offering prevention against digital fraud and trusted relationships.
BioCatch is a website that offers behavioral biometrics solutions to prevent fraud and build digital trust. Their solution is designed to help financial institutions and telecommunication brands establish trusted relationships with their customers by keeping them safe from digital fraud. The website highlights the unique value of behavior as an element of digital identity and emphasizes the importance of understanding customer behavior to detect and identify fraudulent activities. BioCatch offers an integrated solution called BioCatch Connect, which combines machine learning, behavioral science, and advanced visualization technologies to proactively detect and identify traditional and emerging fraudulent activities and actors targeting the customers of large banking and financial services organizations. The website also showcases the trustworthiness of BioCatch, with over 100 of the world's largest banks, fintechs, and telecommunication companies relying on their solutions to protect their customers' digital journeys and financial assets. Testimonials from customers highlight the benefits of leveraging BioCatch Connect for swift fraud attack addressing, reduced manual reviews, better customer protection, improved experience, and enhanced anti-fraud offerings. Additionally, the website provides information about various solutions offered by BioCatch, including account takeover protection, account opening protection, social engineering scams, mule account detection, and strong customer authentication. BioCatch also actively engages with fraud practitioners and experts through events like Threat Talk Live and Fraud Fighter sessions, aiming to share emerging regional threat intelligence and collaborate on detection and response best practices. Overall, BioCatch is a trusted and comprehensive solution provider for organizations looking to prevent fraud and establish digital trust with their customers.