A software to streamline bidding process, manage contacts, track invitations & responses for general contractors.
BidGenius is a bid invitation and bid management software designed specifically for general contractors in the construction industry. This software offers a range of features including subcontractor contact management, a bid room (plan room), and fax/email broadcasting, which saves time, labor, and money for contractors. BidGenius aims to increase bid accuracy, speed, and thoroughness, making it a valuable asset for general contractor companies. The software is designed by estimators who understand the needs and thought processes of estimators, resulting in a well-structured and organized bidding pattern. BidGenius offers an affordable pricing and licensing structure, with a 30-day money-back guarantee and free software upgrades for active subscribers. The software is user-friendly and intuitive, with a simple interface that can be easily learned and used by contractors. It also provides innovative technology and smart bid tools to help contractors bid on more projects with total control. The goal of BidGenius is to streamline the bidding process and help contractors manage vendor contacts, generate and manage proposals, send invitations to bid, track responses, and manage bid activities. The software has received positive testimonials from clients, highlighting its ease of use, outstanding customer service, and effectiveness in managing the bidding process. Key features of BidGenius include subcontractor contact management, bid room, fax/email ITBs and other bid documents, email broadcast capability, ITB response tracking, storage of subcontractor documents electronically, auto-updated bid opportunities, storage and review of subcontractor proposals, management of general conditions, and preparation of final bid estimates. BidGenius offers support through its FAQ page and customer forum, as well as via email and phone. It is a cloud-based software, allowing users to access BidGenius from anywhere. The software is continually updated, with additional features and improvements. Overall, BidGenius is a comprehensive solution for general contractors in the construction industry, providing a range of tools and features to streamline the bid invitation and management process.