A project management platform aiding in team collaboration, process tracking, and efficient communication.
Basecamp is a project management software and online collaboration tool trusted by millions of users. It offers a calm and organized way for teams to manage projects, work with clients, and communicate company-wide. Basecamp's unique features include the Card Table, a kanban-style board to track processes, and Hill Charts, intuitive visual representations of project progress. The platform ensures that all project information is tracked and organized on a single page, making it easy for team members to find what they need and communicate effectively. Basecamp also offers features such as private conversations, reports, notification protections, timelines, exceptional customer service, and more. It helps consolidate billing, cut costs, simplify onboarding, and eliminates the need for separate apps for chat, file sharing, tasks, and scheduling. Basecamp has a strong reputation, with 24 profitable years in business, zero debt, and 99.99% historical uptime. It is used by over 75,000 organizations in 166 countries, including top-notch marketers, ad agencies, designers, consultants, schools, non-profits, and first responders. Basecamp has received positive testimonials from satisfied customers, highlighting improved collaboration, accountability, organization, and productivity. With a variety of resources, support, and additional features, Basecamp is dedicated to helping small businesses thrive.