An affordable HR solution offering payroll, benefits, and compliance services for businesses.
Bambee is an outsourced HR solution for small to large businesses, providing a full range of services including payroll, benefits, and compliance. With over 10,000 American businesses currently using Bambee, they offer a dedicated HR Manager who assists with crafting HR policies, reaching HR compliance, and navigating labor regulations. They also provide HR audits, training and certifications, staff performance tracking, and compliant document storage. Bambee's HR Autopilot keeps businesses HR compliant with up-to-date policies, mandatory training, and regular feedback between employers and employees. Studies show that employees thrive with the right HR practices in place, and Bambee's HR Autopilot is benefiting over 100,000 American employees. Pricing plans are available for businesses with different numbers of employees, starting at $99/month. Bambee guarantees that their HR Managers are certified professionals with experience in companies of your size, and all customized HR work is included in the monthly cost. Bambee also offers an optional add-on called Bambee Guided Payroll, which provides payroll services with built-in HR support. Overall, Bambee provides affordable, professional, and comprehensive HR services for businesses of all sizes.