A commerce platform aiding businesses to set up recurring revenue and keep customers engaged with a variety of features.
Awtomic is a subscription commerce platform that helps businesses generate recurring revenue and keep customers engaged. With Awtomic, users can easily set up and manage subscription plans on their Shopify store in minutes. The platform offers a delightful subscription experience for both shoppers and merchants, providing the best tools to manage subscription products and membership services. Awtomic is particularly well-suited for businesses in various industries such as wine clubs, food and beverage, and apparel. It offers advanced features like dynamic discounts, prepaid offerings, and trials to help convert more customers to subscriptions. The platform also simplifies operations with automatic settings for inventory, subscription shipping, and dunning management. Awtomic provides powerful tools, including beautiful graphs and clear data, to help businesses understand their subscription business. Additionally, the platform offers mobile-first design, secure passwordless login, and SMS support, allowing customers to easily update their subscriptions from anywhere, anytime. Awtomic also offers seamless migration from other subscription platforms like ReCharge and Bold, ensuring a smooth transition without losing payment information.