Facilitates real-time data integration with an efficient and cost-effective solution. Features like adjustable replication frequency and change data capture amplify utility.
Artie is an open-source, real-time data integration platform designed for databases and data warehouses. It allows users to get real-time insights with sub-minute data latency, enabling them to unlock new use cases and make faster business decisions. Artie Transfer, a component of the platform, facilitates real-time data replication between databases and data warehouses. The platform is loved by data and engineering teams, with 10,000,000 rows processed. It offers a simple configuration and interoperability with popular developer tools, making it easy to replace batch data replication with streaming. Artie's affordability and innovative eco-mode function revolutionize batch data transfer by adjusting replication frequency to match demand, improving data freshness without escalating costs. The platform utilizes change data capture (CDC) to sync only changed data, resulting in lower network traffic and compute costs compared to traditional ETLs. Artie Transfer provides reliable and extensible data pipelines in the cloud, offering automatic retries and full schema detection. Artie offers different pricing options, including a free open-source version, a usage-based cloud option, and a custom plan for large enterprises and hybrid deployments. It supports various databases and data warehouse connectors and can handle historical backfills. Artie Transfer does not store data within its data processing layer and ensures data reliability through offset commit and offset tracking. The platform is highly customizable and scalable, allowing users to deploy it within their VPC or hybrid environment. Artie leverages change data capture (CDC) for real-time data transfer, reducing the need for snapshot-based methods and minimizing impact on source databases. It also supports composite keys and tables without primary keys, as well as PostgreSQL TOAST columns. Overall, Artie provides a cost-effective, efficient, and flexible solution for real-time data integration and replication.