Allows creation of customized sign-up flows and user onboarding, with added features for business insights.
Arengu is a low-code platform that enables users to create self-service signup flows with any stack and scenario. With Arengu, users can visually build the UI, implement logic, and automate user onboarding. The platform offers templates, integrations, and advanced features to help create frictionless signup experiences for SaaS companies, fintech companies, and more. Users can easily integrate with APIs, implement email and SMS verification, gain insights and analytics, and integrate with payment systems like Stripe. Arengu also supports onboarding and profiling flows to gather additional user information, as well as advanced lead generation flows with customized paths and automations. Security and privacy are prioritized, with SOC 2 certification, GDPR compliance, encrypted data storage, and hosting in the EU. Arengu provides templates for data verification, passwordless login, and paywall creation, and offers a native experience for brand customization. The platform also provides resources such as best practices guides, signup flow examples, and case studies. Integration with other apps is supported, and Arengu has received positive feedback from clients who appreciate its simplicity, flexibility, and positive impact on conversion rates. Arengu is different from other form builders in that it offers a comprehensive solution for building user flows connected to existing stacks. The platform offers a free plan, and the design of forms can be fully customized. Users can measure the impact of form changes and Arengu stores user data securely. Overall, Arengu is a valuable tool for streamlining user onboarding processes and improving the signup experience.