An online platform for organizing content, building knowledge, and fostering inspiration and collaboration.
Are.na is a platform that aims to connect ideas and facilitate knowledge building. It is an online software that allows users to save and organize important content. With Are.na, users can create new worlds using existing information, making it a valuable toolkit for exploration and inspiration. The platform has been serving students, hobbyists, and knowledge collectors for more than 12 years, and it has gained a reputation as a garden of ideas, combining elements of Tumblr and Wikipedia. Are.na offers both premium and free plans, with the premium subscription providing unlimited blocks, advanced search capabilities, reader mode, table view, and increased privacy settings. The platform encourages users to make connections, find inspiration, and save other members' channels. It also enables collaborative thinking with team profiles and advanced permissions. Users can save various content types, such as images, text, links, and files, from both their phone and browser. Are.na has a long-term vision and is built by a small team of full-time and part-time engineers, product managers, and community strategists. The platform is sustained entirely by its members, with 12,250 people currently supporting it through premium subscriptions. Are.na encourages users to go down rabbit holes as an opportunity to explore their curiosity, and it emphasizes the importance of saving resonant content and building personal paths for future reference. The platform's ultimate goal is to engage more deeply with the world, rather than focusing solely on self-improvement. Are.na offers various features, has pricing plans for different needs, a dedicated education plan, a roadmap for future development, editorial content, and a helpful team. It can be accessed through web browsers or mobile apps for iOS and Android. For more information, users can refer to the comprehensive links available on the platform's website.