Offers a variety of Notion-friendly widget apps that can be easily embedded for additional functionality.
Apption.co is a website that offers a wide range of Notion-friendly embeddable widget apps. The site currently has 91 results, with various types of widgets available, including weather, music, clock, information, data visualization, social, statistic, investing, chat, payment, form, image, learning, quote, and more. The website boasts a total of 373,076 widgets made and a staggering 49,761,406 widgets views count. Users can find and learn about these Notion-friendly widget apps and can easily embed them into their Notion pages for added functionality and customization. Some of the popular widgets available include a weather widget, Spotify music widget, Pomodoro timer widget, clock widget, Google Calendar app, and more. The site also offers DIY embed URL functionality, allowing users to turn any HTML codes into Notion embeddable URLs. With a variety of widgets to choose from, users can enhance their Notion experience by adding useful and interactive features to their pages. Whether it's for personal use or for professional purposes, Apption.co provides a valuable resource for anyone looking to expand the functionality of their Notion pages.