Apache Downloads
Apache Downloads
A comprehensive site providing software downloads, file integrity checks, and community-led development sources.
The Apache Downloads website, which serves as the home page of The Apache Software Foundation, offers a range of utilities for users. The site provides access to various projects and downloads, with a suggested download location at https://dlcdn.apache.org/zeppelin. Additionally, users are advised to verify the integrity of the downloaded files using PGP signatures or hashes provided in .asc, .md5, or .sha* formats. The website also offers information on community-led development, including projects, people, and community-related details. Users can find resources on licensing, sponsors, and the "Apache Way" of development. The site provides guidance on verifying PGP signatures using PGP or GPG, as well as alternative methods for verification. It also mentions the availability of certUtil for Windows 7 and later systems to calculate hashes. Unix-like systems and macOS users can use utilities such as md5, md5sum, or shasum. The website features sections on community engagement, innovation, tech operations, press releases, and legal affairs, covering aspects such as conferences, getting involved, trademark policy, legal matters, and more. Overall, the Apache Downloads website is a comprehensive resource for accessing, verifying, and engaging with software downloads and community-led development under The Apache Software Foundation.