Cloud-based platform for AI-driven document management and automation. Streamlines content control, simplifies processes, and facilitates smart searches.
AODocs is a cloud-based content services platform that offers AI-driven document management and automation solutions. With AODocs, businesses can easily control critical documents, automate processes, and turn their content into structured data through generative AI, eliminating the need for manual work. The platform enables users to categorize and tag documents based on specific criteria without training, analyze and verify contracts and proposals against checklists with AI prompts, extract relevant information from unstructured content, and conduct intelligent searches for concise and precise answers. AODocs also provides easy integration with various information systems and offers migration capabilities from legacy systems with AI-assisted tagging. Additionally, the platform ensures enterprise security with SOC2 certification and collaboration readiness by seamlessly integrating with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. AODocs serves industries such as life sciences, financial services, government, and manufacturing, catering to the needs of Fortune 500 customers. With its comprehensive range of solutions, AODocs empowers businesses to streamline document management, enhance productivity, and reduce human errors.