A platform to convert designs into functional React, Vue, or HTML code, create prototypes, and automate design systems.
Anima is a powerful platform that enhances the design to development workflow, offering various features and capabilities to assist designers and developers. With Anima, you can seamlessly convert designs from tools like Figma, XD, and Sketch into a fully functional code in React, Vue, or HTML, eliminating the need for manual coding. The AI-powered design-to-code functionality provided by Anima ensures that the resulting code is developer-friendly and reusable, saving time and effort in the production process. Additionally, Anima enables designers to create interactive and responsive prototypes using their preferred design tools, allowing them to test and refine their designs before implementation. The platform also offers design system automation, ensuring that Figma components remain synchronized with production code, resulting in a single source of truth for design assets. With Anima, product teams can accelerate their development process and deliver high-quality results efficiently. The platform provides resources, plugins, and a community forum to support users in maximizing their productivity and achieving their goals. If you're looking to streamline your design to development workflow, Anima is the ideal solution that empowers designers and developers to create better products faster.