Helps businesses competitively understand markets using data, influencing decision making and increasing revenue.
Anakin is a powerful platform designed to help businesses understand their competitors and market trends using data-driven insights. Top-performing retailers and brands rely on Anakin's pricing data, trends, and insights to make informed decisions and increase their revenues. With a 99.2% average match rate, Anakin offers accurate and up-to-date data faster than other similar services. The platform allows users to track granular pricing and vendors of their competitors, slice, dice, and visualize the data, and monitor the categorical sentiments of both their products and competitors' products. Anakin is also highly flexible and scalable, offering custom scraping options, product matching, and data delivered as an API in all formats. They provide high-quality data with a 99% average match and delivery rate, ensuring the highest accuracy. The service is available globally, covering markets in more than 10 countries. Moreover, Anakin offers dedicated adoption and service, assisting users in integrating the platform with their systems and providing data in widely used formats. Customers can easily slice, dice, visualize, and analyze their data, generating valuable insights quickly and effortlessly. Positive customer testimonials highlight how Anakin helped businesses identify untapped opportunities, become market leaders, and strategically expand their inventory. With Anakin, businesses can gain a competitive edge and increase their revenues.