All-in-One SaaS Data Protection Platform for Enterprise
All-in-One SaaS Data Protection Platform for Enterprise
A security platform that minimizes company data risks and reduces downtime, while enhancing compliance.
The All-in-One SaaS Data Protection Platform for Enterprise offered by SpinOne is a comprehensive solution to boost enterprise data security. The platform is designed to protect data from the risks of shadow IT, ransomware, data leak and loss, and non-compliance. It is trusted by over 1,500 organizations across 30+ countries and offers a range of features to mitigate risks, save time, reduce downtime and recovery costs, and improve compliance. The platform is agentless, API-Based, and cloud-to-cloud, providing full visibility and fast incident response for unsanctioned apps and browser extensions. With SpinOne, businesses can reduce risk assessment time from weeks to seconds automatically. The platform also includes ransomware detection and response capabilities, slashing downtime from months to minutes or hours and reducing recovery costs by up to 90%. Additionally, SpinOne offers data leak prevention and data loss protection features, improving compliance with automated protection and reducing security issues by 95% in minutes. The platform is recommended by various industry experts and has received multiple awards for its cutting-edge SaaS security solutions. With SpinOne, businesses can enhance their security posture management, reduce the risk of shadow IT, and proactively protect their mission-critical SaaS applications.