Boosts efficiency and streamlines workflows with features like hotkeys and text expansion.
Alfred is a productivity application for macOS that aims to boost efficiency and improve workflow. It offers features such as hotkeys, keywords, and text expansion to help users quickly search their Mac and the web. With Alfred, users can launch applications, find files, and browse their Mac without lifting their fingers off the keyboard. Additionally, it allows users to save time by leveraging features like Clipboard History and Snippets, which eliminate the need for repetitive typing. Alfred's Powerpack provides advanced capabilities through workflows that automate tasks and integrate with macOS. The app also offers control over music, allowing users to manage their music player and execute system commands. Alfred provides various productivity tools, including quick calculations, spell-checking, system commands, quick look, large-type view, and more. It also offers usage stats, clipboard history, snippet expansion, and the ability to create or import workflows. Users can personalize Alfred with themes, sync settings across multiple devices, and take advantage of features like file buffer, shell integration, and viewing contacts. Alfred is available as a free download with the option to purchase the Powerpack for additional features. The app is constantly updated and supported by a community of users who share tips, workflows, and themes.