Streamlines carbon footprint measurement and reduction for businesses' supply chains, aiding net zero emission goals.
Aklimate is a platform designed to assist businesses in measuring and reducing carbon emissions for their supply chains. With a focus on achieving net zero emissions, Aklimate offers tools and resources to help suppliers calculate their carbon footprint, define reduction pathways, and report their progress externally. The platform allows businesses to track the emissions across Scopes 1, 2, and 3, using a best-in-class methodology that simplifies complex jargon. Aklimate is capable of scaling from 10 to 1000 suppliers, helping businesses to meet ambitious supply chain reporting targets and comply with regulations such as the EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive. By collaborating with suppliers, Aklimate aims to empower them to tackle challenging Scope 3 emissions and provides bespoke pathways and reduction initiatives. In addition to its effectiveness in carbon management, Aklimate also offers cost savings compared to in-house programs, allowing businesses to engage with their supply chains at scale without breaking the bank. Several companies have attested to the ease and scalability of Aklimate in helping them engage more of their supply chain effectively. With a user-friendly platform and a team of experienced founders, Aklimate is an ideal choice for businesses looking to drive sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint.