Offers cloud computing services like virtual machines, storage, and security solutions. Assists in scaling businesses and providing excellent digital experiences.
Akamai is a cloud computing company that offers a wide range of services for developers and businesses. They provide virtual machines, Kubernetes, storage, databases, networking solutions, developer tools, delivery solutions, security solutions, managed services, and more. With their global infrastructure, customers can scale their business on a massively distributed compute, security, and delivery platform. Akamai focuses on simplicity and offers one-click apps, managed services, technical documentation, and developer videos to help developers develop faster. They prioritize security and offer solutions to stay safe from threats without slowing down. Akamai also prioritizes delivery solutions to help customers flawlessly deliver extraordinary digital experiences. They offer affordable pricing options and provide transparent pricing with no surprise bills. Additionally, Akamai has a strong reputation and is trusted by developers since 2003. Overall, Akamai is a reliable and trusted cloud computing service provider that offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of developers and businesses.