Optimizes sales pipelines and reduces costs by automating email campaigns and lead qualifications.
AiSDR is an AI-powered SDR (Sales Development Representative) platform that helps businesses optimize their sales pipeline and reduce costs. With AiSDR, users can create and send email campaigns on auto-pilot, move prospects down the sales funnel faster using AI, and build-up their pipeline in days. The platform offers features for both outbound and inbound marketing, allowing users to connect their ZoomInfo or HubSpot accounts to pinpoint leads that fit their ideal customer profile and automate follow-ups and lead qualification. AiSDR also enables prospects and leads to book calls faster by using personalized nurturing sequences and objection handling techniques. Furthermore, AiSDR simplifies the process of creating email campaigns by generating tailored campaigns based on user input, and it can book meetings with engaged leads at a fraction of the cost of a traditional SDR. The platform is designed for start-ups looking to keep overhead costs low, marketing teams struggling to move inbound leads down the funnel, and sales teams striving to meet their quotas. The pricing for AiSDR starts at $750 per month for 1,000 emails sent or 10 meetings booked.