Allows users to enhance documents and presentations by adding personalized audio or video narration.
AirDeck is a platform that allows users to enhance documents and presentations by adding audio or video narration. With the ability to incorporate narration, AirDeck aims to provide clarity and personalization to any content being shared. The platform is designed to revolutionize communication by enabling users to guide their audience towards a clear understanding of the content and value being presented. AirDeck offers features such as document narration, sharing, and analytics to help users create engaging presentations and gain valuable insights into viewer engagement. The platform can be utilized across various departments and functions within an organization, such as customer success, sales, marketing, and hiring and training. Users can utilize AirDeck for customer onboarding, team training, sales pitches, webinars, resumes, compliance training, and more. Trusted by thousands of organizations, AirDeck has received positive feedback from its customers who have praised the technology and the ability it provides to expand reach and grow businesses. AirDeck seamlessly integrates with existing workflows and offers a 14-day trial for users to experience the platform's functionality. Overall, AirDeck is a powerful tool that empowers organizations to communicate effectively, personalize content, and improve engagement and results.