Enterprise Kanban board software that provides work flow tracking and aids continuous improvement.
Planview AgilePlace (formerly Planview LeanKit) is an enterprise Kanban board software that enables organizations and teams to visually track and manage the flow of work from strategy to delivery. With AgilePlace, teams can reduce bottlenecks and dependencies, eliminate waste, improve processes, and promote continuous improvement. It allows teams to deliver frequently towards programs and value streams while staying aligned with strategic objectives. AgilePlace provides at-a-glance visibility for the entire organization, driving productivity across teams whether they are in the same room or distributed globally. It integrates with other Planview solutions and offers powerful reporting and analytics for identifying improvement opportunities. AgilePlace is purpose-built to help scale Lean and Agile practices across organizations and empower teams to do their best work. Start a free 30-day trial of AgilePlace to experience its value in visually and effectively managing work.