A comprehensive platform for email marketing, CRM, and automated customer journeys. Allows segmenting and personalizing outreach, increasing engagement and lead conversion.
ActiveCampaign is a comprehensive platform that offers email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools to businesses. With ActiveCampaign, businesses have the power to create incredible customer experiences through automated customer journeys, personalized communications, and dynamic content. The platform allows businesses to automate any size task and route leads to the right teams, ensuring a consistent experience from start to finish. Automation has been proven to help 95% of businesses achieve what they couldn't do on their own. For marketing efforts, ActiveCampaign provides the power of personalization and automations that drive high-quality leads, increase customer engagement, and unify data within a centralized platform. Businesses can expect to see a 143% increase in contact list sizes with personalized email marketing. The platform also offers features such as forms and landing pages, segmentation, and successful deliverability. For sales teams, ActiveCampaign offers sales automation and CRM capabilities, helping businesses capture, qualify, and engage leads to win more business. Sales automation has been proven to increase qualified leads by an average of 110% year-over-year. ActiveCampaign seamlessly integrates with popular software, with over 900+ integrations available, including Shopify, WordPress, and Zapier. This allows businesses to connect their apps and leverage the tools they need for success. ActiveCampaign has a wide range of customers, including MSI and Party Headphone, who have found value in the platform for email campaigns, automation features, managing contacts, sales engagement, and account management. With 185,000+ customers, ActiveCampaign supports businesses at every customer touchpoint, offering various solutions for reach, nurture, conversion, growth, eCommerce, customer experience automation, and omni-channel marketing. The platform also provides several resources, such as email templates, live expert workshops, a community, help resources, and a blog. ActiveCampaign offers different pricing plans and provides the option to request a demo and try the platform for free, with no credit card required and instant setup.