A comprehensive support software transforming messaging and video into stellar customer service.
Acquire is an all-in-one customer support software that transforms messaging, video, and agent workspace to provide exceptional customer service. With powerful workflows and digital channels, Acquire helps businesses improve their customer service experience. Their powerful workflow engine allows for efficient prioritization, queue management, and self-service, providing customer context to agents. Furthermore, Acquire offers SLAs and alerts to maintain response times and handle/resolution time. They also prioritize customers based on various factors such as type, wait times, and custom attributes, while setting up multiple routing configurations for faster response times. Acquire enables seamless communication across channels, allowing agents to stay in contact with customers on chat, SMS, and email. The software provides a unified view of the entire conversation history and allows for easy switching between channels. Additionally, Acquire supports in-person experience by offering live video support during live chat interactions. Their platform ensures remote customer support, a unified agent view, and better customer experiences. Acquire has built solutions for a range of clients and aims to provide the support customers deserve. Customers can request a demo to explore the platform's features and benefits. The software is designed to simplify customer service processes, engage customers effectively, and prioritize their needs.