Cloud-based tool for automating user provisioning, access management, and optimizing SaaS stacks. Integrates with Google SSO and facilitates regulatory compliance.
AccessOwl is a cloud-based access governance and IT automation tool that specializes in user provisioning and access management. It offers features such as auto-provisioning, access approvals, access reviews, and self-service access requests for SaaS applications. With AccessOwl, businesses can automate user onboarding and offboarding, achieve least-privilege through self-service workflows, and optimize their SaaS stack. One of the key advantages of AccessOwl is its integration with Google SSO, allowing for seamless integration and management of employee access to SaaS applications. By automating employee account creation and deprovisioning, AccessOwl helps reduce unused licenses and mitigate data leak risks. It also provides a live view of user accounts and permissions, replacing manual spreadsheets with an automated single-source-of-truth. AccessOwl's self-service access request feature streamlines processes and eliminates the need for tickets and ad-hoc messages. Employees can request access with a single click in Slack and stay informed until their account is ready. The tool also excels in access reviews and audits. AccessOwl enables reviewers to audit access in minutes and automatically generates detailed evidence for auditors regarding who has access, from when, and why. It also offers automated employee lifecycle management, allowing for fully automated onboarding and offboarding via HRIS. AccessOwl is suitable for audited tech companies, as it supports compliance with SOC2, ISO27001, HIPAA, and other standards. It is also beneficial for growing tech companies looking to optimize their SaaS stack and automate provisioning processes. The tool integrates with over 30 HRIS systems and offers customizable approval workflows and tailored policies for each application's risk profile. Customers have praised AccessOwl for its convenience and the seamless integration it offers. With AccessOwl, IT and security teams can ensure an excellent employee experience, streamline workflows, and keep auditors happy. Overall, AccessOwl is a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to automate user provisioning and access management, optimize their SaaS stack, and achieve compliance with industry standards.